Look for a weekend activity or a spa getaway? Get to know the world of the Hungarian medieval castles or experience a royal feast! By happy coincidence, you can test all of the above-mentioned opportunities in one place!

It is very easy to get to Visegrád: depending on your choice or physical conditions, you can get there by car, by bike or by boat on the majestic Danube. Or why not to try a canoe tour up to the Danube bend in summertime, making a stop in Visegrád.

Make a stop in Tahitótfalu on the way to Visegrád which is famous for its delicious strawberries and strawberry wine. Strawberry wine tasting opportunities are available at Epermester Winery. A unique equestrian center and native wildlife park can be found in Bodor Major on the long, thin Szentendrei Island, which winds 31km almost from Budapest, right up to the Danube Bend.

Arriving in Visegrád, one of the first must-see sights’ list is the Castle of Visegrád where we can visit the historical exhibition, the Panoptikum and we can enjoy a great view from the Citadel. The lower castle – more well-known nowadays as Solomon- tower – was an important strategic element of the double castle-system. On the open- air stage close to the tower we can enjoy a colourful knight’s tournament in the performance of St George knight order on Wednesdays and Saturdays from spring to autumn.

Another Not-to-be-missed attraction is the Royal Palace with the King Matthew Museum in which we can admire the famous Lion’s fountain carved from red marble and Hercules fountain. Let’s walk in the royal garden following the footprints of former kings and queens. King Matthew Historical Fun Park is recommended for families.

An outstanding regional event is the International Palace Games held in the second weekend of July every year. Programs at 5 locations transform Visegrád into a medieval town for this weekend.

For culinary adventures visit Zugfőzde Pálinkamúzeum, Reneszánsz Restaurant (Renaissance Restaurant) or Ördögmalom Erdei Étterem, all of which offer unique service. A visit to Zugfőzde Pálinkamúzeum offers more than just tasting great Hungarian fruit brandies from different regions of Hungary, you can take a brandy tour and get to know the history and conditions of brandy -distillation and famous brandy making Hungarian regions. Visitors can catch trout for their supper in Ördögmalom Restaurant, or if you prefer your food ready-prepared, you can choose among tasty dishes of trout, wild venison or mushrooms. Former royal feasts often combined with live medieval music come-to-life in the Renaissance Restaurant. Dishes showing medieval and Hungarian gastronomy are served on traditional plates.

For really active programs for both younger and older generations, the Summer-winter Bobsled Track, Go-kart and Adventure Park is hard to beat! Try out a canopy zipline with amazing adrenaline-fuleded views of the hills of Visegrád and the Danube bend as you rocket over the treetops. Nagyvillám ski slopes guarantees ideal surroundings for winter sports lovers. On top of that, extreme sport lovers can do grass skiing in summertime.

Getting tired by the end of the day, try a soak in hot water in one of the many nearby spa hotels. Not only hotel guests, but also daily visitors with daily tickets are welcomed in these facilities.
For a more-complete weekend book your accommodation in one of the hotels, pensions or guesthouses in Visegrád and the immediate surroundings.

For more information about events, programs or accommodation please turn to the local tourist information office, (in Hungarian: Visegrád és Környéke Turisztikai és Marketing Egyesület).

Address: Visegrád, Duna-parti street 1.

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