Tapolca medicinal cave

Medicinal caves in Hungary

If magical waters are not enough, Hungary has some other healing options to offer If waters are not enough to tickle your fancy. Leave the pools behind, because now we’re going underground!

Fresh air, free of pollen, exhaust and dust, in the middle of a town? The cave system carved out of the limestone by water under Tapolca was discovered in 1902, and now you can take a pleasant boat ride underground on the crystal clear water.

There’s also a spacious, dry passage system, where the air has been known to heal or at least speed recovery from whooping cough, asthma and other respiratory ailments, so the area was designated a “medicinal cave” in 1981. The constant temperature (14-16 °C), the high carbon-dioxide content of the air and the perfect silence aren’t just good for your lungs, they’re good for your soul!