Rudas Baths

The Rudas Baths at this site had been established during the Middle Ages, utilising the medicinal springs at the foot of the Gellért Hill. These were completely rebuilt during the Turkish occupation,

The octagonal pool of Rudas Baths, built during Musztafa Szokoli Pasha’s rule, is one this country’s most beautiful monuments of Turkish origin. The pool is covered by a dome, 10 meters in diameter, supported on 8 columns.

The steam-baths and the swimming pool date from the middle of the 20th century. A day-care hospital, with an extensive physiotherapy section, operates within Rudas Baths.

Open: 6-18 weekdays, 6-12 Sat-Sun

Water temperatures: 16, 28, 30, 33, 36, 42 °C

Pools: swimming pool and six further medicinal pools (and turkish bath only for men)

Water surface area: 4,5; 9; 9; 9; 96,5; 9 nm2

Water mineral content: slightly radioactive thermal water containing nitrates, sulphates and calcium-magnesium-hydrogen-carbonates, as well as fluoride ions in significant quantities

Therapeutic proposals: degenerative illnesses of joints, chronical and semi-acute arthritis cases, protruded intervertebral disc, neuralgia, states of calcium deficiency of the bone system

Name: Rudas Baths (Rudas Gyógyfürdő)

Country: Hungary

City: Budapest

Location: Buda, I. district

Transport: Tram 18, 19

Address: Budapest, Döbrentei tér 9.

Phone: 1/ 356-1322