miskolctapolca cave bath

Miskolctapolca Cave Bath

You don’t have to be related to bats to enjoy being in a cave. All that’s required of you is to take a trip further north-east through the forests of the Bükk Hills and head to Miskolctapolca.

Miskolctapolca is a small vacation-town next to Miskolc at the foot of the Bükk hills. Its thermal water is known since the 16th century, and used for washing of clothes, and healing the tired body of locals, travelling traders and stationed soldiers.

The public bath’s main building was built in 1959, and the expansion and renovation didn’t stop since then. Now the complex is a real experience centre, unique in Europe and meets all high expectations. The spa has huge cave system filled with constantly 29°C thermal water, separated into five chambers each with different mood. Nowhere in the world has water of such ideal bathing temperature been found in karst caves, while the colourfully illuminated rock formations hidden in nooks and crannies give the bath a supernatural feel.

New service is the sauna park, where you can choose from several types of saunas and a steam cabin. You can use them individually or in a sauna-seance, where an experts guide you into the higher level of sauna-usage.

The outdoor strand is only available from spring to autumn. It has 2 thermal pools, 3 children’s pool and 1 swimming pool.

The spa organises night baths every second Saturday of each month. It also has a restaurant, cocktail bar, aqua fitness, solarium, medical and relaxing massage, physiotherapy, playing corner for children, and souvenir shop.

Miskolctapolca has a large city-park perfect for a romantic walk, right next to the Cave Bath. You can find every type of accommodations all around the spa, all year long.

From Miskolctapolca we suggest you to take a day trip to the wonderful Aggtelek Caves, or to Lillafüred up in the forest of Bük hills. But it is also a good spot to take trip to the wine-wonderland of Tokaj or the historic town of Eger.