Dagály Baths Budapest

Dandár Baths

Water mineral content: Hot spring water with calcium, magnesium, hydrogen-carbonate and sulphate-chloride, also containing sodium, with a substantial content of fluoride ions.

Therapeutic proposals: degenerative illnesses of joints, chronic and semi-acute arthritis, dislocation of the vertebral disc, neuralgia

Open: Mon-Sat 7-19, Sun 7-12

Water temperatures: 20, 38, 36 °C

Pools: 3 pools

Water surface area: 13,5; 26,5; 62 m2

Dandar baths

Open: 06-19 (Mon-Fri); 06-13 (Sat); Sunday closed

Name: Dandár Baths (Dandár Gyógyfürdő)

Country: Hungary

City: Budapest

Location: Pest, IX. district

Transport: Tram 2, 24

Address: Budapest, Dandár u. 5-7.

Phone: 1/ 215-7084