Weight bath

Weight bath

Weight bath is an underwater treatment, which aims to remove the vertebrae from one another, thus stretching the spinal column.

The stretching process renders the restoration of the original and healthy condition of the discs possible. Weight bath is a painless treatment as the elevating power of water brings the body in a relaxed state, and the weights stretch the spinal column in a most indulgent way. During the treatment, the guests are anchored on the neck and/or under the arms, practically hanging in the water while different weights of 2, 3 or 5 kilograms – depending on the state of the disease – are fixed on the back and/or the ankles.

Weights applied in the weight bath may be attached to the body in 3 different ways:
– one point (neck only)
– two-points (under the arms)
– three-points (neck and under the arms)

The weight must be fixed to the patient’s body as instructed by the medical doctor, with a maximum of 20 kilograms at a time.

Duration of treatment: 20 minutes

Water temperature: indifferent (34-35°C)

The methods of weight bath treatment was invented and developed by Dr Károly Moll in Hévíz. This treatment is recommended for patients with problems in the neck, back and the spinal column, but it is also suitable for the purposes of prevention.
Photo: danubiushotels.com