Sarvar Baths

Sárvár Baths

There are only ten spas in Europe bearing the name ‘Royal Spa’, and the Spa and Wellness Centre in Sárvár is one of them. Noblesse oblige as they say, so be prepared to be treated like a king where once emperors, high nobility and famous heads of state found relaxation of the highest standard.

Like some of the most effective medicinal waters in Hungary, the treasure of Sárvár was also come across accidentally. In 1961, whilst drilling for oil, engineers stumbled upon hot mineral springs. So now the town is the proud home to two completely different types of healing water. One type springs from a depth of 1200 metres and reaches 43 °C, while the other originates from a depth of 2000 metres, has a very high salt content and reaches the much higher temperature of 83 °C. This salt abundant medicinal healing water can be used effectively in the treatment of certain ailments and locomotive diseases as well as for dermatology and gynaecology.

The 43 °C thermal water is especially effective in the treatment of locomotive disorders and neurological complaints, for rehabilitative aftercare, and muscle relaxing baths.

All therapies start with a diagnosis, upon which the customised cure plan is based. The combined healing powers of nature (the medicinal water, medicinal mud, and Sárvár salt) the specialists in Sárvár can treat problems at their source.

In the classy spa of Sárvár healing and recreation are of utmost importance. Crystal clean, huge, clear spaces, several therapy and wellness treatments will make your stay in Sárvár truly refreshing. Besides the medicinal pools, you’ll find all kinds of warm and cool, fun and adventure pools, with a pirate ship and slides for the little ones and a baying pool for the daring ones. If it’s peace and quiet you’re after, the Sauna world, this gem within the spa, and the Quiet Room will help you close off the outside world.

No wonder that the quality services, the expertise and the client-centred attitude have won several awards to the spa. And if you’re looking for award-winning accommodation to go with your royal treatment, Spirit Hotel***** offers you the prolonged sensation of relaxation and revitalization.