lukács baths

Lukács Baths

The orders of knights who settled here to treat the sick, used the medicinal springs as early as the Middle Ages, in medicinal baths which they built adjacent to their monasteries.

At a later date the Császár-Mill, which manufactured gun-powder, was located on this site.

During the 19th century, the Baths evolved into a medical-centre, with a hotel for the use of the patients, and a hospital building for treating rheumatics.

Its medicinal waters are mainly effective in treating joint and muscle damage.

Open: Mon-Fri 6-19, Sat-Sun 6-17

Water temperatures: 22-40°C

Pools: 8 pools: two outdoor swimming pools, fun pool, five indoor thermal pools

Water surface area: 368, 310, 220

Lukács Baths Budapest

Water mineral content: thermal water containing nitrates, calcium-magnesium-hydrogen-carbonates and sulphate-chlorides, as well as fluoride ions in significant quantities

Therapeutic proposals: degenerative illnesses of the joints, chronic and semi-acute arthritis, deformations of the vertebral spine, dislocation of inter-vertebral discs, neuralgia, calcium-deficiency of the bone system, cases of states following injuries

Name: The Lukács Baths (Lukács Gyógyfürdő)

Country: Hungary

City: Budapest

Location: Buda, II. district

Transport: Tram 4, 6, 17 or HÉV: Margit híd budai hídfő

Address: Budapest, Frankel Leó u. 25-29.

Phone: 1/ 326-1695