Miskolctapolcai Termál és Barlangfürdő

Spas in Hungary

There are many stereotypes about Hungary: goulash, beautiful women and an impenetrable language, to name but a few. But leave them at home – if you know where to look, Hungary is a secret garden of healing and wellness.

The Romans were the first to fall in love with Hungary, but certainly not the last… It is said that wherever they went, they built, and where they built, they bathed. They knew of salus per aquam (“healing by water”) and made maximum use of this natural treasure. More than two millennia have passed, but the thermal water is showing no sign of running dry.

Today’s uses of the therapeutic water bear little resemblance to those of the Roman Empire. Thermal water is now recommended for a wide variety of conditions, from the scourge of the modern age, stress, to joint pain and gynaecological or skin complaints.

Whatever the ailment, Hungary’s healing garden has just the cure. Patients are spoilt for choice not only in terms of the wide range of wellness spas and resorts equipped according to the highest medical standards, but also when it comes to accommodation – there is something for all tastes and budgets. Whether you chose one of the famous cities, such as Budapest, Eger, Esztergom, Szeged or Visegrád, the opulent vineyards of Transdanubia, or the holiday capital of Lake Balaton, there is something for everyone.

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