pesterzsébet salt baths

Pesterzsébet Salt Baths

Water mineral content: Alcalic-chloridic mineral water which, due to its content in iodide and bromide ions can be ranged to the group of iodine-bromic waters.

Therapeutic proposals: degenerative illnesses of the joints, chronic and semi-acute arthritis,  dislocation of the inter-vertebral discs, healing of neuralgia, healing of chronic gyneacological inflammation processes

Open: 8-18

Water temperatures: 28, 36, 39 °C, 26 °C, 28-30 °C

Pools: 5 pools: 3 Healing pool, Wave-bath pool, Children’s pool

Water surface area: 16, 980, 121, 5, 32

Name: Pesterzsébet Salt Baths (Pesterzsébeti Fürdő)

Country: Hungary

City: Budapest

Location: Pest, XX. district

Transport: HÉV, bus 23, 48, 51

Address: Budapest, Vizisport út 2.

Phone: 283-0874