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Gyula Baths

In the southeast corner of Hungary, there’s a lovely little town, with a first class spa complex, where you can soak, splash, and heal.

Gyula is a historical spa town, 220 km from the capital. The town is known for its famous sausage and pálinka products, its historic castle and of course the medical spa complex. The Gyula Castle Spa is located in the beautiful park of the Almásy Palace, in the middle of the town, on 8.5 hectare. The complex has five main sections:

Medical spa

There’s an indoor pool with the water temperature of 28-30 °C.  Two outdoor pools with 35-37°C water, one is shaded with wooden roof. It also has a Jacuzzi and a water jet pool. The thermal water of Gyula is alkali-carbonate-chloride thermal water, rich in minerals, so its colour is brownish, qualified as medical water in 1969. It’s recommended for musculoskeletal and joint complaints, neuralgia, and post-traumatic recovery.

Therapeutic department

Services: underwater physiotherapy, remedial gymnastics, traction bath therapy, bubble bath, underwater jet massage, massage therapy, hydrotherapy.

Outdoor strand

This is the place for some water fun for all ages. Here you will find a wave-pool, a wellness centre, a children’s water paradise, a 25 m and a 50 m swimming pool, and a water slide pool. This is also the place for sunbathing, food and drink stands.

Sauna Park

The world-class sauna park treats guests to a great variety of luxury services both inside and outside! Look for the sauna-sessions, the wonderful ceremonies for both body and soul, guided by professional sauna-experts.

Beauty Salon

Guests can choose from a wide range of massage types and length, best for their body and soul. Aromatherapy refreshment massage, beauty and special extra massages, “Four handed” or “Massage for couples” services are all available.

Beside these, the Castle Spa also has medical practice on weekdays, and night bath programs.