hajdúböszörményi fürdő

Baths, medicinal wellness, active tourism in Hajdú-Bihar County

Medical, wellness and active tourism

Hungary has excellent geothermal potentials and is considered an internationally respected spa-power due to its thermal waters containing various minerals; the fifth in the hierarchy of the countries that have mineral waters under the surface. 60 towns own mineral water resource, 35 of which provide medical treatment in their spas.

16% of mineral waters in Hungary belong to the Hajdúság region, which is the most important tourist attraction of the area and the second in medical tourism. Furthermore, Hajdúszoboszló is outstanding in the international market. Its mineral springs were discovered by geologist Ferenc Pávai-Vajna in the 1920s. Most of these springs provide mineral water rich in alkaline-hydro-carbonate, iodine and bromide to use for drinking treatments of stomach and intestine problems, and as hydrotherapy for curing rheumatism, locomotive, gynaecologic and dermatologic diseases.

Since the unique potential of the area was recognized, investments into medical tourism have become more frequent since the last decade. As a result, several new buildings have been built and also the existing ones have been modernized. Almost all the larger towns (Hajdúszoboszló, Debrecen, Hajdúnánás, Püspükladány, Berettyóújfalu, Hajdúdorog, Hajdúböszörmény, Balmazújváros, Tiszacsege, Kaba, Polgár, Nádudvar, Földes) in the county will offer spa services, including two outstanding spa centres in Europe: in Debrecen and Hajdúszoboszló.

Aquaticum, in the Great Forest in Debrecen (Debreceni Nagyerdő), an enormous centre with a thermal spa, a beach, a wellness hotel and an experience bath of Mediterranean atmosphere offer several places of great interest. The aforementioned Hajdúszoboszló spa is known as ‘Mecca of the rheumatic’. Its ‘Mediterranean sandy seaside’ surrounded by palm trees flanks a pool of 6,200 m2 water surface that is the largest man-made pool in Central Europe. Aquapark, which was the first slide park in Hungary and with its slides starting from a 12 meter-high tower, and the spectacle pools as well as the pirate ship and realistic figures of animals are also the specialty of the centre. People of all ages will be offered the best form of relaxation, medical treatment or aquatic amusement.

The county will offer exclusive experiences for those who are fond of active tourism. The Stud Farm in Máta (Mátai Lovasfalu) in Hortobágy is a gem of horse-riding tourism, where the traditional Nonius herds can be found in their ingenious surroundings. TB Ranch in Nyíradony, Sári Manor (Sári Major) in Ebes and Arbo Farm (Arbo Tanya) in Bánk establish the authentic atmosphere of villages. Those who love hiking can visit the Erdőspuszták, Hármashegy and Lake Vekeri near Debrecen, or the guided tours and study trails in Hortobágy.

Visitors who prefer travelling by any means of transport will choose the narrow-gauge railway around the Fishpond of Hortobágy (Hortobágy-halastavi kisvasút) or the forest train called ‘Zsuzsi’ from Debrecen. Fishing fans will pay homage to their passion at Lakes Vekeri or Balla, hunters will hunt in the world-famous forestry of Gúth. In Vámospércs the only golf course of the region as well the Adventure Park in Koppányvölgy (Koppányvölgyi Kalandpark) await the guests. Finally, the history of the region is exhibited in M3 Archeopark, which is an archaeological park.